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How does it work?

SIMPLE! You place your order by 5:00 PM on Saturday evening and it is ready to be picked up the following Monday morning!

Currently offering bulk proteins, veggies, carbs, and signature items!

Pick-up: The Pitt House of Gainz

Time: 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM (leave a note at check-out if you require a speciel pick-up time!)


This is exactly what Joe said in January 2014, when he lost his leg in a work related accident. Through so many trials following the incident, the Vargas family did not lie down and give up on their dreams. They overcame this adversity and in November of 2018, they opened The Pitt House of Gainz to provide Williston with a gym like none other here. But that wasn't enough. With the desire to help others in mind, Pitt Power Plates was brought to life! Power Plates is providing people with easy access to clean and nutritional foods in bulk. Helping others and making them feel apart of family, is exactly what the Vargas wanted to give to the community. "F*CK EXCUSES" This quote is their life motto and resides on the walls, to remind others that adversity can be overcome. Joe found true healing and strength in the gym. The Vargas family built the Pitt to create a space for people to grow and in turn, built a family. "WELCOME TO OUR HOME" -Joe, Kacey, Izabella and Azalea Vargas